TRIGON Association

TRIGON Association was founded on 29th March 2006.


Mission of TRIGON Association o.p.s. is to fulfill public benefit projects aimed to help children, youth and adults with disadvantage, their families, endangered children groups and people endangered with social exclusion. By mutual cooperation with Czech and foreign organizations and institutions in the field of education, social services and health services, TRIGON association want to expand and improve services, which lead towards social and work integration of people with disadvantage. 

Public benefit services

• organization of educational courses and cultural, social and sport events
• social services: sheltered housing, social rehabilitation
• counseling, work rehabilitation and occupation preparation
• employment support
• realization of social innovation projects in cooperation with academic sphere and foreign partners
• organization of abroad internships and exchanges
• social enterprises
• founding of social services

Our main aims

Towards our clients

• Support for clients especially in job preparation, improving social and work skills, offering of retraining, help with finding occupation in sheltered workplaces or at open job market and providing of accommodation suiting the needs of the client.

Towards our employees

• Improvement of team work competencies through lifelong education and abroad internships. Practical experiences from colleagues from EU  countries lead also to improvement of work motivation and new look at clients as equal partners.

Towards general public

• Rising of public awareness in the field of employment of people with health disability and support of active citizenship through activity.
• Towards municipalities we aim to equalizing relations between non profit field which offer public services and grants providers.
• Improvement of position of non profit organizations in Czech Republic in the direction of European standard. 

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